Freshwater Pearls Necklace

Pearl Beads

Discover Novel Jewelry Designs With Wholesale Pearl Beads

Since ancient time, pearls always come with an undeniable appeal, and this is the reason why this irresistible gem inspires and delights so many modern jewelry-makers. As jewelry-making components, pearls are reasonably affordable and available in a huge variety of sizes, colors, textures, and styles. These can be used alone or mixed with other beads to create a wide range of design styles from conservative to couture. 

There are some renowned, online pearl wholesalers who offer infinite collections of freshwater pearl beads and pearl jewelry at the lowest wholesale prices. A large number of jewelers and storeowners are associated with them, owing to their immense experience and knowledge pertaining to pearls and the unmatched price advantage they offer. They have their own pearl farms in China, and thus customers have a huge farm of pearls to choose from. 

The five elements that characterize some of the best quality pearls are – luster, surface, shape, color, and size. They are the most important points to consider when buying fine jewelry, and are also very crucial when individuals choose pearls for their own jewelry-making. As a jewelry designer, whatever one needs to create pearl jewelry, the expert pearl wholesalers can readily supply; for instance: 

  • Loose pearls with sizes from 1mm to 11mm, and drilling can be done as per the desired hole-size
  • Pearls in any color can be produced as per the specific requirement. Some of the most sought after colors like black, white, pink and lavender are always in stock. One can also check out the ‘parachute of pearl colors’ given in the website
  • Pearl clasps and findings can be supplied in any material specified
  • Mother-of-pearl pendants to complement with the jewelry, and other types of semi gemstones and beads, from Jade, Coral beads to Tiger’s eyes can be provided
  • Complete pearl jewelry making tools can be supplied – Japanese silk threads, pliers, drilling machines etc

With all this, jewelry designers can continually create new and exciting trendy Pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and also the simple, elegant and delicate children’s jewelry designs. They can draw people to the sensuous beauty of pearls, to their soft contours, and to the warm, persistent light from within this ‘wonder’ gem. With continuous innovations, they can create a mark in the field of jewelry-making!


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