Freshwater Pearls Necklace

Pearl Clasps

The Incredible Customization Possibilities With Pearls

Pearls are widely recognized all over the world for their timeless beauty, unique luster and absolute rarity. In recent years, freshwater pearl beads have become gained particular popularity for trend jewelry designs, due to the fact that they are available in a plethora of colors, sizes and shapes, and can be customized in innumerable ways to create designs make it completely unique and create that WOW effet.

Most pearls used today are produced by implanting beads of mother-of-pearl into the tissue of mollusks and then returning them to the water to allow the luster to develop. There are some highly experienced and adept pearl wholesalers, who have a huge clientele comprising of not only the pearl lovers, but also  many jewelry designers and business owners. They own their own pearl farms and in-house manufacturing units, so the result is that there are no layers of middlemen, no importers, no distributors, and no retail vendor profits. Thus, they are able to offer pearls and pearl jewelry at incredibly low prices and sell directly to consumers.

Apart from the price advantage, these wholesalers also stock unlimited, finished pearl jewelry pieces as well as loose pearl beads. They can provide pearls in all sizes, all shapes, any color, and in any quantity, and can also custom-make pearls in 14k Gold or 925Sterling Silver. They have skilled workers who can create pearl jewelry to match individual taste and specifications. Thus customers have a vast number of options with pearls available in:

  • Colors – Black, white, pink, gray, brown, champagne, chocolate, red, blue to mauve; in case any particular color is not available, it can be processed in a little time
  • Sizes – From 1mm Seed pearls to the big 18mm pearls
  • ShapesRound pearls, Rice pearls, Coin pearls, Cornflake pearls, Baroque pearls, Button pearls and Biwa pearls
  • Grades – From low-grade pearls, intended for pharmaceutical use, to AAA or top gem quality, intended for fine jewelry stores and departmental stores
  • Drilling – From half-drilled to double-drilled and diagonally-drilled, pearls can be made available in the standard hole size for a pearl necklace, to a larger size as specified

The best part is that the freshwater pearls supplied by these eminent wholesalers have thick nacre to meet the international jewelry standards. They also supply hundreds of pearl clasps & findings to complement the different pearl jewelry designs.

With such a huge array of options, pearl lovers can always get something new and exciting to add to their jewelry wardrobe, and the jewelry designers can continually dig up to create myriad designs and enhance their portfolio. Shopping for certified pearls at the lowest wholesale prices, from a trusted source is one of the most delightful moments, especially for people who truly adore the classic beauty of pearls!


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